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Ella Bell and Gwyneth Paltrow

Why We Need Co-Conspirators

Women are still significantly underrepresented in leadership. Professor Ella Bell Smith and Ashley Zwick of the Tuck Initiative on Workplace Inclusion share what we can do.

Tuck IWI staff and students

Agents of Change: Checking in with Tuck’s Initiative for Workplace Inclusion

The Initiative on Workplace Inclusion (IWI) was launched at Tuck in 2022 and is already yielding important work that is helping further the mission of creating more inclusive workforces.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Highlights the Power of a Diverse Female Network

Features Ella Bell Smith in an article about the 2024 MAKERS Conference, which featured a conversation between Bell Smith and actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow exploring the power of building networks.

Washington Post

Walgreens CEO’s Exit Highlights Isolation of Black Female Leader

The Washington Post highlights Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo’s book Our Separate Ways: Black and White Women and the Struggle for Professional Identity.

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Strategic, Courageous, and Consistent: How to be a co-conspirator to accelerate gender parity in the workplace

Dean Matthew Slaughter joins S&P Global’s The Essential Podcast to discuss a report he coauthored with Ella Bell Smith, Robert Litan, and Robert Lawrence examining the need for new entrepreneurial leaders in a post-pandemic world.

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MAKERS Partner Dinner May 24, 2023

Highlights Ella Bell Smith, who delivered remarks at the MAKERS Partner dinner in New York City. MAKERS is a media brand that accelerates the women’s movement, through stories of real life experiences that ignite passion and action.

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Can These Metrics Truly Advance a Firm’s DEI Intentions?

Highlights an article written by Ella Bell Smith for the Center for Financial Planning dissecting the observable and measurable traits of inclusive leadership.

Tuck students in Alabama

The Freedom Riders: A Tuck GIX on Leadership and Systemic Racism

A Global Insight Expedition to Washington, D.C., and Alabama enlivens the leadership imperatives of diversity and inclusion.

Ella Bell


Highlights an article written by Ella Bell Smith for the Center for Financial Planning dissecting the observable and measurable traits of inclusive leadership.

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The Essential Podcast, Episode 49: Entrepreneurial Leadership — An Interview with Co-Author Matthew Slaughter

Dean Matthew Slaughter joins S&P Global’s The Essential Podcast to discuss a report he coauthored with Ella Bell Smith, Robert Litan, and Robert Lawrence examining the need for new entrepreneurial leaders in a post-pandemic world.

Stock image of a mirror

Findings: In Friendship, A Mirror to the Self

Tuck professor Adam Kleinbaum shares his findings on the power of social networks to influence and reinforce beliefs and behavior.

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Gwyneth Paltrow x Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo: Race and Gender in the Workplace

General admission and Ella Bell Smith and co-author Stella Nkomo join Gwyneth Paltrow to talk about their recently updated book Our Separate Ways and how our understanding of race, gender, class, and power has changed—and stalled—over the last twenty years.

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‘Be a Co-conspirator’: How White Women Can Move beyond Allyship to Actually Support Black Women

Ella Bell Smith and coauthor Stella Nkomo join “Morning Joe” to discuss the reissue of their seminal book Our Separate Ways and the need for white women to become “co-conspirators” with their Black counterparts.

Bloomberg Businessweek logo

Black in Focus: Prof. Ella Bell Smith and Prof. Stella Nkomo

Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo join Bloomberg to discuss their book Our Separate Ways, and the different trials and triumphs Black and white women face in their careers. 

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Black Women Leaders: Navigating the Intersection of Gender and Race

Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo join the Knowledge@Wharton podcast to discuss their book Our Separate Ways, which chronicles the experiences of 120 Black and white female managers to show that gender isn’t the only factor that defines a woman’s career.

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A feature interview with Ella L.J. Bell Smith examining how to make companies accountable for their equity goals externally and internally, as well as the kind of measurements that can track the private sector’s involvement in social justice.

stock image of people on paper

The Unwitting Ease of the Echo Chamber

Tuck professor Adam Kleinbaum studies the impact of language style similarities on social networks.

Ella Bell speaking

how women in business can get the feedback they need

As a guest on Harvard Business Review’s Women at Work podcast, Ella Bell Smith, professor of business administration, discusses how women can draw out actionable, useful feedback from their managers.