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The Co-Conspirators Blog: Turning Research into Action

Introducing The Co-Conspirators Blog: Turning Research into Action, a blog from the Tuck Initiative on Workplace Inclusion.

We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like access to current DEI research, but in everyday language. This blog is our space to do just that. We’ll be posting regularly, and always answering the question: How do we make sense of this new research, and apply it in our workplaces?

We plan to highlight the research of academics who are doing groundbreaking scholarly work in diversity, equity & inclusion across industries. Questions or ideas for future blog posts? Reach out to us at

Using Power for Greater Punch: How Leaders Can Unlock More Effective Allyship

The presence of allies in the workplace is not new. But, research from the Tuck School of Business’ Dr. Karren Knowlton shows how to unlock new levels of understanding to improve workplace relationships and equity and inclusion in organizations.